7 Old Games From Your Childhood Memories

The 90s became quite an interesting period in the development of the game industry. The emergence of various kinds of game consoles to devices that are generally used for work needs such as computers / PCs can also be used to play games. Maybe you guys have an interesting experience at that time like finding a shortcut with an icon that looks like a “game” on your home computer at that time and then you open it and finally a display appears on the screen “press any key”. This experience always remains in the heart, even as if we feel that we are experts who find games on the computer so that they can be played.

Many gamers from the 90s generation have experienced this moment, just like this discussion that will make you feel nostalgic. Now the topic in discussion is about games that you always encounter on old computers / PCs. Are the games you played at that time included in the list below? let’s see in full.

  1. Zuma Deluxe

Who doesn’t know the mini game which is quite popular in the 90s? Maybe it was your father or brother who taught you to play this fun mini game. At that time, almost every computer in institutions such as schools and schools could find an icon with the image of a frog throwing this colorful ball. Carrying a simple gameplay actually makes this game very popular with various groups, ranging from office workers, parents to children like us at that time.

  1. Tarzan

In the 90s Disney released a cartoon film titled Tarzan, in that same year they released the film adaptation in a game that was released on several platforms such as PC and PS 1. This game with the action platformer genre is also easy to find on desktop computers with icons. Tarzan pictorial. Even though the gameplay offered at that time was quite simple, the experience when playing the game still made an impression on the heart. Especially at that time parents only allowed to use the computer to play games only on weekends or holidays, this moment is always remembered today.

  1. Commandos

Maybe the title of this game is quite foreign to some 90s generations. However, if you found an icon with a soldier on your desktop at that time, you were lucky enough. This game that combines stealth and strategy is very exciting to play. Taking the theme of World War 2 you will be in certain scenarios with tense missions. You are required to make the right decisions in order to complete a mission. Are you one of those who found this rare game on a computer that you have ever encountered?

  1. Beach Head 2002

At that time, this game was enough to offer an exciting playing experience as an fps game. Being in a bunker you will survive the onslaught of both enemies who attack by walking or using combat vehicles. You can also use a variety of complete weapons to survive the endless attacks. Maybe this is one of the games that you find on old computers to accompany you to spend the weekend at that time.

  1. Age of Empire (I & II)

Gamers of the 90s are no stranger to the title of this strategy game. Because of the popularity of this game, maybe many of your friends are still asking about recommendations for strategy games similar to Age of Empire. This memorable game is also very fun to play using a cheat where you can take out a very “op” blue striped sedan. Even with just a few of these units, you can attack enemy territory easily. Maybe some of you have never played this legendary strategy game until now?

  1. Road Rash

Who says games on old computers / PCs are just that? Road Rash at its time offered a unique approach as a chaotic motorcycle racing game. If you played this game in the past, then what you have in mind is to become the number one thug who wants to be number one in motorcycle racing. Even though the visuals offered look as they are when judged at this time, the experience of playing in this game is truly extraordinary.

  1. Virtua Cop II

In the 90s, the development of the game industry was not only on home consoles and computers, arcade machines were also an alternative that was quite popular in its time. Maybe until now you still remember the sentence “somebody help me!” which refers to the Virtua Cop II game title. Carrying an approach as an arcade-style shooter game, Virtua Cop II is also almost always found on old school desktop computers at that time. You also have to pay attention to the credit that becomes your life during the game. Maybe this game title will be the first fps game you played before the battle royale became a trend these days.


Those are the rows of old school games on old computers / PCs that can build your nostalgic atmosphere. This can also be an alternative for those of you who still have standard devices and are languishing and can’t play modern games comfortably. If there are still game titles that have not been listed, you can comment below, those of you who have played the games above must also comment.

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