9 Reasons Why Legend of Legaia Is The Best JRPG For Us

Of the many legendary JRPG titles, especially those that existed in the first Playstation era, there is one JRPG name which, for us, is one of the first titles that made us end up tied to this one genre. Developed by a developer that no longer exists – Prokion and Contrail with Sony Interactive Entertainment as publisher, we are of course talking about the legend – Legend of Legaia. A title so unique, different, and special, that 21 years after it first became available on the American market, our brains still have a hard time forgetting it.

Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt if we gave a little tribute to this one game, while on the other hand, we had high hopes that at some point in the future, there were developers who were interested in exploring this title again for a more modern market. The dream of seeing a remastered or remake game is, of course, a prayer that is said along with the process of preparing this article. Those of you who have never tried it, but don’t mind diving into decades old games. Because in the end, the Legend of Legaia is special. What makes this JRPG so special? Here is our version of the toplist:


Full of Secrets

In the era before the internet became an integral part of the modern world, games like Legend of Legaia are one of the JRPG games with extra “challenges”, especially if you really want to get things done as well as possible. Local gaming magazines and occasional trips to high-priced internet cafes for student sizes should be made to visit the FAQ page on behalf of pursuing all the secrets available in Legaia. Because it’s not playing games, it offers quite a lot of content to explore, from the secret Genesis Tree (the tree you have to raise in the story), secret boss fights, to unique items that will allow you to attack your enemies with the shopping discount points you have collected. . Exploration will taste sweet here.


Sol Tower

There are many JRPG games out there that usually provide a “casino” area as one of the locations to visit, which is usually filled with lots of fun mini-games. Of all the JRPG games in the first Playstation era, the location offered by Legaia via Sol Tower must be admittedly one of the most special. There is an opportunity to enjoy a lot of different content here, from just slot machines, arcade machines filled with fighting games, to battle arenas against various monsters. One thing that is fantastic is the fact that the items that you can scramble for and get through the point-collecting system here really appear valuable. So valuable, so much so, that it’s irrational to skip it, that you end up spending a fair amount of time with Sol Tower. Frustration? Fortunately, no. Although we haven’t tried it for a long time, in memory when this toplist was written, associating the word Sol Tower with something positive.


Boss Rock Design

Once again, when you taste the Legend of Legaia, the characters you encounter from the exploration process will look like blocks of meat sewn to look like humans. Appreciation for character design should only occur when you enter the battle scene and find the character’s visual transition to its actual size, complete with the detailed equipment they are carrying. At this time, you will be able to enjoy the fantastic designs of the enemies you encounter, especially from the boss you will be fighting against. Just look at how this “old taro elder” comes with a full set of armor and a large, threatening-looking sword. Or how can you see the transformation of one of the main antagonists – Songi, who from one meeting to the next, looks even more dangerous.


High Difficulty Level

Spoiled with a variety of difficulty level settings and “reinforcements” in various angles, this may be the right sentence to simplify the difference between the old JRPG and modern JRPG game sensations today. For gamers who have tasted Legaia in the past, frustration is an inseparable part of meeting the bosses who at the point of the story, it turns out that it’s not difficult to drain 70-80% of your HP bar with only one turn to attack. While on the other hand, it took them hundreds of fists and punches to beat. So you often encounter cases where gamers repeat their Legaia progress from the start, grinding harder, on behalf of preventing them from “stopping” in the same location before. Believe it or not, grinding helps a lot.



The quality of music that is carried by Legend of Legaia is not the same as Final Fantasy, especially for OST matters with choirs that are ready to make your hair goosebumps. But as you finish Legaia, forget about it for a while and decide to go back to taste it at one point, you will feel that your appreciation for this aspect will only grow. Because in the midst of the limited quality of visualization in the era of its release, music is an element that helps you “capture” the feel of the world of Legaia itself. When a sad theme comes to the fore and you see how a character like Noa moves minimally with her head down, coupled with quite heartbreaking dialogue, you’ll be able to capture these emotions much better. The Boss Battle music? Enough to make you panic and understand that at least in the next 10-20 minutes, you will be faced with a situation that makes you want to scream.


All Characters Are Stars

How often do you meet JRPG games that contain so many characters but fail to make these companion characters interesting and relevant? There are many cases that are very unfortunate, especially if these “side” characters seem to have the potential to offer interesting background stories. But not with the Legend of Legaia. The three characters who become “stars” – Vahn, Noa, and Gala have an equal share, either as individual characters or as a team. In fact, before the three of them join forces to save the world, you must first play the personal stories of each character to understand the background, motivation, and what kind of conflict they have to go through. This makes you will see the three of them as the main characters, without any of them being ruled out.


Fighting Game Style

So as can be predicted, one of the strong reasons why Legend of Legaia feels so special and different compared to other JRPG games comes from the existing battle system. Apart from the character model persona which is much different from during the exploration process or how your equipment is also projected from the form of armor and weapons worn, it comes with a command input system which, if executed, will present a special attack combo with great damage. Each character has a different combo and also has a unique attack feel. Gala comes as a big but slow damage character, and therefore is projected through the command input combo bar which is much shorter than Vahn or Noa for example. Looking for old gaming magazines or “teasing” friends who already have this combo list is an integral part of Legaia.


Sense of Progress

Of all the charms offered by Legend of Legaia as a quality JRPG game, we have to admit that one of the things that make us fall in love lies in the sensation of progress that he always offers in every moment. That all the things you do and accomplish, will produce something that you can feel and benefit from. Resurrecting the Genesis Tree? The city is now clean, has less encounter with it, with access to the shops in the city that are now open. Diligent grinding? Your combo command input bar will slowly but steadily expand with each level you gain. Continue to resurrect the Genesis Tree including the one located in a secret place? You will see Ra-Seru who appears like a gauntlet, where Vahn uses Meta, Noa with Terra, Gala with Ozma also grows with a design that looks more alive and fierce at the same time. You can also enjoy the stories and interactions between these three characters who were strange at first, but slowly but surely, starting to care for each other. A story of friendship and struggle that doesn’t feel forced at all.


So above are 8 reasons why we see Legend of Legaia, despite its 20-year-old age, it is still one of the most special JRPGs we have tasted to date. There is something unique and different in the way it is handled, both from the aspect of gameplay, story, characters, to side activities that make it at one point, even admittedly, more interesting and tantalizing than even Final Fantasy VIII. There is something much more valuable in the visualization like a lump of meat sewn together, which will accompany you in every exploration process.

How about you? Have you had the chance to taste the Legend of Legaia in the past and see it as a special JRPG game like us? If so, what makes it so? Feel free to expand the list and comment!

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