Active Neurons Review

Active Neurons is a game with a puzzle type that has simple and colorful visuals. When playing this game, we will be accompanied by music that sounds quite sad that will calm our minds while solving all the existing puzzles. The developer of this game is Nikolai Usachev, who has often made indie games using the Unity engine. The publisher is Sometimes You and USANIK STD. This game will be released on PS4, PS Vita, Switch, Xbox and PC on April 29, 2020. I had the opportunity to play and review this game a few days earlier.

The concept of this game is almost similar to the analogy of Neurons (nerve cells) in the human brain where our mission in this game is to move from one point to another, where during the trip there will be more and more obstacles that we will encounter. Unconsciously playing games like this will improve our logical abilities and of course this will actually nourish our brains. This game has pretty smooth color block movements and simple lighting with colorful square blocks that kids will love. This game is not too difficult, I played it with a little help, but if my friends are having trouble, there will be a video tutorial that we can immediately access and follow the steps.

This game also has features for Color Blind and Monochrome, so the graphics will change significantly, making it easier for people with color blindness to play this game in black and white mode. Some of the traps that used to be blocks of color will turn into a visual image of the skull.

This game has 8 stages which are represented by images of the human brain and certain colors in that section. The higher the stage, the level of the obstacle course will be more difficult and varied. I played this game for about an hour and a half. And of course, chasing a Platinum Trophy which is very easy to get. There will be 4 bonus levels with pictures of human limbs, I just completed a little bonus level.

Overall a very simple game, fun enough to be played by families, with children, to improve the logic of thinking about solving a problem with the various steps provided by this game.

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