Aloy New Appearance in Horizon Forbidden West New Trailer

The State of Play special from Sony and PlayStation (28/5) this morning featured a big announcement for the sequel Horizon Forbidden West. The successor of the Horizon Zero Dawn game continues Aloy’s adventure in uncovering the secrets of the new world he lives in.

After a major disaster, humanity must survive the threat of the savage robots they created in the past. Now, Aloy also has to travel far to the west to uncover the remains of civilization and perhaps revive the glory of human civilization. In full, you can enjoy the new footage below.

In the gameplay footage for nearly 20 minutes, you can see a new cinematic to a graphic treat that is very pleasing to the eye. The world in Horizon Forbidden West seems to be filled with forests and bushes and enemy characters that you have never faced before.

Uniquely, it turns out that at the end of the announcement, Sony also announced that this game was also present for the PS4 console. In fact, as a new game, Horizon Forbidden West is planned to appear as an exclusive PS5 game. It seems that this is a fortune for fans who still have a PS4 console and are having trouble getting this brand-new console.

Unfortunately, Sony has not revealed when this game will be released. In the meantime, they have locked down the release date for this year. Hopefully this game can arrive sooner, huh!

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