Arcade Games Nostalgia with Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Maxiboost ON

Do you remember when the first PlayStation was popular? If so, then you remember arcade machines. This machine is shaped like a TV that has a controller complete with a coin slot at the bottom. In addition to playing the game, the coins entered generally will also increase the life of your character or just to continue the game when the screen shows the words “Game Over”.

Lots of game developers in the past made their games on arcade machines. One of them is Namco. Before joining Bandai, Namco made tons of games on Arcade machines. Pac-Man, Tekken, and some of the other games you know today are also their unforgettable works.

In fact, they still continued their work after joining Bandai to become Bandai Namco. Some of the games they have succeeded in producing are Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. which presents lots of games from the Gundam anime series.

The series allows players to be able to play a robot with a V-shaped horn in a 2v2 battle arena match until one team’s score runs out. Some of the beautiful moves and maneuvers are adapted from the anime at a very fast pace, making every second passed in the game count. Especially for Gundam fans themselves.

Now, the game is finally heading to the console with the title Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Maxiboost ON.

In the latest trailer, Bandai Namco shows someone telling him how fun he was playing Gundam on an arcade machine when he was young. Several battle scenes to how he and his friends were noisy and were reminded by the staff gave him a special nostalgia.

Until finally he said he wanted to play the Gundam game again. Luckily, his old friend, who was an adult at that time, offered to play Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Maxiboost ON on PlayStation 4.

Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Maxiboost ON is a 2v2 PvP game with almost all the robots from the series. Starting from the first Gundam to the most recent Iron Blooded Orphans. There are about 183 units that can be played from the 36 series. Each unit has its own abilities designed according to the wishes of the fans.

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