Author: Jerry Jr

Atelier Ryza 2

Ordinary Storyline On Atelier Ryza 2

Like the name she carries, Atelier Ryza 2 of course acts as a direct sequel series from the first Atelier Ryza. The timeline runs three years after the first series, with Ryza and other characters now…


10 Pixel Games With Interesting Storylines

Not all games that have high-class graphics also have interesting gameplay. Like some games that the author would recommend, even though they have poor graphics, the gameplay presented actually gives …


Fallback Game Preview

The world game industry has the arrival of an indie game with the theme Action Adventure which has its own characteristics by presenting a 2.5D gameplay inspired by the artist Maurits Cornelis Esc…


My Big Sister Review PS4

My Big Sister is an indie game with Adventure Puzzle Horror type, developed by Stranga Games and published by RatalaikaGames. This game that has 8-bit retro art graphics is pretty good, making me …

Active Neurons Review

Active Neurons is a game with a puzzle type that has simple and colorful visuals. When playing this game, we will be accompanied by music that sounds quite sad that will calm our minds while solvi…