Author: Jerry Jr

Age of Empire (I & II)

7 Old Games From Your Childhood Memories

The 90s became quite an interesting period in the development of the game industry. The emergence of various kinds of game consoles to devices that are generally used for work needs such as computers …

Suikoden 2

13 Konami Best Games – Loved by Gamers

There is nothing sadder for a gamer than seeing the heroes they adore, the developers and publishers who in the past were so praised for the quality of their games, end up being a nightmare and an "en…

Silent Hills HD Collection 1

Seven Old Games with Bad Remakes

Remake, remaster, reimagining, rerelease, all of them may have their own definition but still serve two purposes: 1) Exploiting the nostalgia and nostalgia of the player to his favorite classic game. …

SEGA Arcade in Japans Akihabara

SEGA Consider Launching Cloud Gaming

From GeForce to Stadia to xCloud, cloud gaming promises a lot for the future of the way we game, an efficient experience without the need for expensive hardware, timely installations or complex upgrad…


Streets of Rage 4 Review

The old Street of Rage franchise, which was previously released by Sega, has returned. This time through publihser Dotemu, this franchise is back to life with the name Street of Rage 4 after 25 ye…


Three Hidden Google Games

Pacman pacman is an arcade game that was popular in the 80s and even today people want to enjoy the game. So google brings it back and you can play this game with just a google search. By the…