Beautiful Lore and Fantasy in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

Divided into 8 episodes, this is unfortunately not a series that will offer a conclusion to the story at the end. Valve seems to have big plans to continue to develop a story that focuses on the figures of Davion and Mirana, which can be seen clearly through the fact that they carry the name “BOOK 1” in it. There is no further information about how many chapters are actually planning by Valve and the story writer – Ashley Edward Miller.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, as the name suggests, focuses on the figure of Davion whom DOTA 2 gamers know as Dragon’s Knights. You can see this story as the origin story of how Davion, from a dragon hunter to a dragon hunter, ended up having the power of one of the strongest dragons in the DOTA universe. Her story of dealing with this new situation also merges with the story of Mirana, a daughter of the Nightsilver Woods who leaves her territory in search of a lotus flower with magical powers related to the figure of the goddess she loves – Selemene.

So as you can predict, the story offered by DOTA: Dragon’s Blood itself has not yet entered the realm of Defense of the Ancients itself, where two immeasurable powers – Radiant and Dire fight each other to subdue the other. What we find here is an origin story for several characters who turned out to have crossed paths with each other before engaging in a battle larger than their existence. At least here, you are also given a little peek about the story of Radiant and Dire while seeing what kind of effects they can produce. DOTA Dragon’s Blood serves as a solid foundation.

Solid Fantasy

What DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has to offer, again, hasn’t touched much of what we know from the battle between the two Ancients, which is the heart of this popular MOBA game. But one thing he managed to achieve was to build a solid fantasy world. That the world DOTA brought is a world full of things beyond human reason, from dragons of various sizes, magic, gods and goddesses who are actively involved in the lives of their worshipers, demons who have evil plans, and of course the races that are live “side by side” in it. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood does this job fantastically.

Unfortunately, apart from building a world that deserves a thumbs up, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood comes with a storytelling that is quite confusing at some point. There is so much information thrown in that there is not much time to digest what is really going on.

As an example? The relationship between Selemene and Mene – two different goddesses who should be the focus of the story. There has never been any more detailed information on what actually happened to the two of them despite the fact that they were one of the main sources of conflict. This could have happened for two reasons: first, because of the negligence of the story telling. Or second? Something new will be opened in the next series considering the story of the first 8 episodes is confirmed to contain only the chapter “BOOK 1” only. There is no information on how many “BOOK” we will get in the future.

The good news? Studio MIR manages to do a fantastic job when we talk about two things: action animation and characterization. When it comes to action-side animation, it comes with a quality that deserves thumbs up. Smooth movement with targeted dramatization is here. For gamers who are familiar with DOTA 2, it also contains so many skills that are identical to each of the characters in question, which is translated well in a two-dimensional visual format. The use of blending three-dimensional character models also looks appropriate, especially when we talk about the presence of dragons who are a source of threat.

The characterization is fantastic too. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood gives enough room for existing characters, both main and side, to shine. That it is not always one-dimensional, these characters also have personal conflicts that they inevitably have to face. There is fear behind courage, doubt behind a resolution, love behind uncertainty, all of which envelop the various characters. In fact, it is not impossible for DOTA 2 gamers, for example, to end up hating a character that they have never known the lore behind. Of course we are talking about Luna in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, positioned like an antagonist who thirsts for blood and death.

One of the highlights of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood approach is how friendly it is to those who are not familiar with DOTA 2 at all. There is no need for basic knowledge about the DOTA 2 universe to enjoy the fantasy story he is carrying. But for DOTA 2 gamers, there is extra enjoyment that you can get through the variety of easter eggs that are carried. We are talking about iconic items such as the Gem of True Sight which shows its identity and use here, until the brief appearance of races of iconic characters such as the Alchemist’s Ogre and the Bounty Hunter which are seen at a glance. But of course, DOTA 2 gamers should also be prepared for the fact that not everything we know and stick to the video game version will apply here and vice versa.

So with all the designs it carries, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood appears as an anime adaptation series which, fortunately, can be enjoyed as a solid fantasy story separate from DOTA 2. No need to know about DOTA 2 to enjoy the story, the world, and the characters it has. stretcher. Meanwhile, for gamers who are familiar with the universe, there is extra appreciation here and there.

Confusing Promotions

Praise deserves to be directed to Valve, which took at least 7 years to understand and understand that one of its biggest competitive games, it takes extra hard work promotion to attract newcomer gamers. That for a game that is indeed difficult to learn and master, relying solely on the community to continue to share information and love by word of mouth will never be enough. Especially when DOTA 2 gamers began to compare the seriousness and commitment of Riot Games when popularizing League of Legends among ordinary people. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is the starting point.

Valve does seem to understand how important DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is right now. As soon as this animated film was released, they immediately installed it in all the locations they could install to promote it. We’re talking from the Steam page to DOTA 2’s main in-game interface which makes it a highlight. Any better news? Knowing that this content will potentially bring newcomers to gamers in the future, they also immediately offer new tutorial content to help the learning process more effectively. However, in our eyes, this promotion is quite confusing.

Why? Because it is common knowledge that DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is designed to attract newcomer gamers to check out and hopefully, end up “trapped” in DOTA 2 which does need a new player shot. But unfortunately, the story content actually has the potential to make newcomer gamers who want to try it, run away from the first second.

The first reason? Stories that focus on figures like Dragon Knight, Mirana, and of course – Invoker. Considering that these heroes were introduced via the story he stretched, of course it wouldn’t be strange if newcomer gamers were familiar with them and chose them as the heroes they wanted to try first. Unfortunately, of the three characters, perhaps only Dragon Knight has a skill that is straightforward, simple, and easy to master. As for Mirana and especially Invoker? These are two characters that are impossible for newcomers to use at first. Imagine if these newcomer gamers immediately tried Invoker or Mirana in their first online match or just studied them in demo mode and ended up frustrated.

For this reason, we always feel that there are other characters with no less interesting lore that Valve can actually explore to make the first series film. As an example? The dynamics of the relationship between Lina and Crystal Maiden, for example, are actually interesting to explore. These two characters are also counted as characters that are not difficult to master in DOTA 2, making newcomers who enjoy both of them will be far from frustrated. The decisions of the characters that Valve brought in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood to us, are baffling.

Second reason? Almost all the super cool characters in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood are currently not available in DOTA 2 as heroes or side characters at all. As we know, this animated film does offer some original characters who are tied to the main story it carries. There is Mirana’s super powerful mute servant – Marci, there is the legendary Dragon Knights who has killed so many dragons – Kaden, and a deadly Mene-worshiping Elf – Fymryn. All of the characters we mention here are characters that are imagined cool and tough, who are not difficult to steal the hearts of any gamer while enjoying their action in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

Imagine if you fell in love with one of them, decided to jump into DOTA 2 to be able to play them, and ended up finding that none of these three characters appeared as heroes. This condition will of course lead to confusion and disappointment at the same time. Given that Valve only injects a maximum of 2 new heroes per year, the potential that only one of these three heroes will appear as heroes in the next update will remain equally disappointing. Imagine if they fall in love with Selemene and find this rocky goddess that only exists in the form of Mirana and Luna’s dialogue in the game, without any physical form at all.

So the combination of these two issues led us to view DOTA: Dragon’s Blood as a baffling promotional endeavor. The fantasy story that he is carrying may make many newcomer gamers curious and interested in trying it. However, as far as the eye can see, several decisions taken by Valve or Studio Mir actually have the potential to make the first experience difficult to enjoy, be it a hero character that is difficult to master or a cool hero who is not actually available in the video game version. This of course is very unfortunate.

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