Bittboy – Console Gaming With 300 NES Games

As a retrogaming fan, surely you have played old game consoles that appeared in the 80 / 90s era. Among the many old school game consoles, one of the most popular is the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Well, for those of you who want to feel nostalgic about playing NES, but can’t afford it because it’s rare and hard to find, we have a solution, here! There is a third party console that can accommodate old NES games, namely Bittboy.

Inspired by the Game Boy, Bittboy is a third-party portable console, aka not an official product from Nintendo. Like the Game Boy, Bittboy also has a small size. However, Bittboy cannot be used to play Game Boy games. Inside there is an NES emulator system which includes 300 varied old school games. You can enjoy a number of NES games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden, Tetris, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Bomber Man.

In addition, there are many game titles with dubious quality, aka bootleg. Call it Street Fighter V which is the bootleg version of Street Fighter II, then there is Man In Red which was adapted from the game Space Invaders. There are also Far East typical games such as Rural Goblin, Mad Xmas, Awful Rushing and Raidon Bungeling. You can also find a clone version of Angry Bird, with a storyline set in New Zealand.

Basically, Bittboy is a portable NES console. This console is equipped with a 2.5 ”IPS screen that is bright and colorful, equipped with quality viewing angles. In terms of sound features, Bittboy also has mono speakers. At the bottom there is a Micro USB port to charge the 500mAh internal battery and a port that can connect this unit to your TV to experience the playing features on a bigger screen. On the right side there is a volume dial (voice button) for adjusting the size of the sound produced.

On the front, you will find buttons that are cool and simple in shape. There is a D-Pad, four face buttons, Start, Select and Reset. The Reset button functions to return to the main menu, where you can select 300 available game titles. This menu features level 1 music from the Mighty Final Fight game as background music and artwork from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, two Capcom games that come with the console. If you look at the upper body of Bittboy, there is a power switch (power button) and a USB MicroSD slot that can make you tempted to add games of your own choice. Unfortunately this slot is just a decoration. The thing is, after opening it, it turns out that there is no mechanism that shows that this console has a feature to accommodate a MicroSD. It’s a shame, yes.

Unfortunately, the experience of playing old school NES games in Bittboy is not as fun as previously imagined. Bittboy software is considered a little problematic. Even though we are offered 300-in-1, you won’t be able to play all of them. Some ROMs don’t work properly, for example the Harry Potter bootleg game which only displays corrupted visuals on the screen and Rad Racer 2 which really doesn’t work due to poor emulation.

In addition, the battery life of Bittboy only ranges from two to three hours, besides that the D-Pad button is a little springy so you will often fail to give directional commands unless you press harder. other than that

The main advantage of Bittboy is its mini size, you can take it anywhere without having to bother thinking that this console will take up a lot of space. With a good screen quality, you have to be satisfied with a mini console at the level of Bittboy that you can walk around with. Of course, with Bittboy you can also get a third party game console that can accommodate hundreds of old school games.

Well, with the various advantages and disadvantages of this console, you can get it at a price that is not that expensive. Based on data from the official Bittboy website, this tiny console is sold at a price of 39.99 dollars. Besides being quite affordable, there are five color variations available, you know. You can choose red, blue, yellow, white, or black. Everything is classically designed!


After we explain the features of Bittboy above, we both know the advantages and disadvantages of this new console with this cute size. Its small size makes Bittboy easy to carry everywhere to eliminate boredom while traveling. Unfortunately, the status is unofficial, aka not official, you can’t expect much with the games provided. Not all of the 300 games provided can you play because of software problems. However, if you want to reminisce with old games, Bittboy can be a cool choice for you. Make sure the money you use to buy this console is comparable to the features you expect. Retrogaming greetings!

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