Fallback Game Preview

The world game industry has the arrival of an indie game with the theme Action Adventure which has its own characteristics by presenting a 2.5D gameplay inspired by the artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.

Just like Indie games or several other games, Fallback is set in a post apocalypse world which brings a tense atmosphere at the end of the world. Fallback tells about the struggle of humans who live underground and try to get their freedom back by fighting the power of robots who were originally very obedient to serve humans.

The main advantage of the Fallback game lies in the world of 2.5D gameplay, players can change the perspective side which apart from opening new paths and unique secrets in each game, there will also be different areas that are procedurally packed.

Players can also choose more than one character called volunteers with their various characteristics and along with the game they will get various skills that can be combined to get different skills, making the lagback gameplay even more varied every round.

With each character equipped with a Vesta sword and Jetpack, various maneuvers that can be done either to attack or defend make Fallback more challenging in terms of platforming and also the combat element. Fallback has just done a closed beta period and is now ready to hit the market on October 11 on the PC platform via the Steam Store.

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