Lucasfilm and EA Got Huge Profit From Star Wars Franchise

Shocking is the right word to describe the sudden announcement that Lucasfilm Games put out some time ago. That after being “locked in” for the last few years, the rights to Star Wars games are finally no longer exclusive to EA alone. At that time, Lucasfilm Games immediately announced the Star Wars open-world game that the dev would work on. The Division is under the banner of Ubisoft, with of course the Snowdrop Engine formulated as a base. This of course provokes a great curiosity – is the Star Wars game under the EA flag profitable or not?

Through their latest financial report, EA CEO – Andrew Wilson confirmed that the cooperative relationship between EA and Lucasfilm Games has been profitable. Through their Star Wars games such as SW: Knights of Old Republic, Galaxy Heroes, Battlefront, Jedi Fallen Order, and most recently – Squadrons, they managed to gain an income of around USD 3 Billion! No fewer than 52 million Star Wars games have been sold so far. Galaxy Heroes, which incidentally was released for the mobile market, became the most successful with a total income of around USD 1 billion.

Even though it is no longer exclusive, EA will certainly continue to develop Star Wars games in the future, including the confirmation of a new project that they have not officially announced to the public. How about you? How many Star Wars games do you buy during an exclusive under EA?

Competing with a dominant power that has no competition so far is not an easy job. For Epic Games, through the amount of money they have earned via Fortnite and Unreal Engine, the battle to create their storefront – Epic Games Store takes extreme and consistent steps. The one that benefits gamers? Of course, they give out free games that they routinely do weekly. Not only indie games, they also sometimes present AAA games that are too tempting to miss. One of the newest? Star Wars Battlefront II!

Celebrating its official release at EGS, Star Wars Battlefront II is immediately included in the list of free games that gamers can just claim. One thing is for sure, this step seems to have succeeded in re-popularizing Star Wars Battlefront II, at least in the PC version. EA said that there were at least 19 million gamers who took advantage of the free EGS moments. EA would like to thank for the continued support, even though the content of this game as “games as a service” ended some time ago.

It is unclear whether EA will concoct more Battlefront series or not in the future, especially after the loss of the exclusive rights to cooperate with Disney recently. How about you? Including gamers who claimed the EGS version of Star Wars Battlefront II yesterday?

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