My Big Sister Review PS4

My Big Sister is an indie game with Adventure Puzzle Horror type, developed by Stranga Games and published by RatalaikaGames. This game that has 8-bit retro art graphics is pretty good, making me miss Super Nintendo era games. I played this game and was quite impressed by the story that was given, and I started to get into this game. The main character of this game is Luzia, and Luzia has an older sister named Sombria, The beginning of this game is quite full of question marks, I was made not to know what really happened in this game world. Until the middle of the game we will begin to be brought to a real adventure story, the main character has clear motivation and has a point that must be taken.

Some of the puzzles we have to solve, look for various kinds of items, and use these items to solve other puzzles is the essence of this game. I am quite interested in the relationship between the two sisters, Luzia and Sombria, which is quite interesting, they strengthen each other, while one of them is desperate, the other gives encouragement. Not only family and horror elements, this game also has a little bit of humor tucked into the story so we don’t get too tense.

The horror that this game provides is quite interesting, we will be taken to a unique world created by developers, there are witches, curses, ghosts and various other strange creatures, some arenas are quite bloody, sometimes with scattered limbs. , a game that looks like a picture for children, but actually can be enjoyed by adults too. This game has a variety of different endings, there is a bad ending and of course there is a good ending, during the adventure we are also made to ask who is the real bad guy.

The developer of this game seems to be given the freedom to give all the creativity in making this game, there are some figures that I think are quite unique, such as the Butcher character who has no face, the main character has to find a face mask so that Butcher will give candy and candy. knife which is a very important item for the end of this game. There is also a wizard character who has very long legs and the back story is told why he has long legs, and the story is quite scary. Various kinds of puzzles and secrets that we can solve slowly feel quite exciting.

Overall, this is interesting in terms of story, pixel art graphics also give a nostalgic feel in the era of games that already have next gen graphics. The duration of this game is around 5-6 hours if we play it without looking at the guide. The reason for playing this game is because of its easy Platinum and of course it can be free.

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