Ordinary Storyline On Atelier Ryza 2

Like the name she carries, Atelier Ryza 2 of course acts as a direct sequel series from the first Atelier Ryza. The timeline runs three years after the first series, with Ryza and other characters now of course growing more mature and ending, being scattered from one another.

Living a peaceful life on the island of Kurken while sharpening her alchemy skills, Ryza suddenly gets a mysterious task to understand the mysterious artifact that was handed over to him. Ryza finally leaves Kurken Island and heads to the capital – Ashra-am Baird to seek deeper knowledge. her adventure brings her back to meet her old friends who are now gathered in the capital for a variety of different interests. At one point, she finally understood that the artifact that was handed over to him, was not just a jewel.

The artifact turns out to be an egg that finally hatches and gives birth to an animal-like entity of its kind, no one has ever seen. Named Fi, this friendly, flying little beast also has one strange habit – ingesting the light energy enveloping the various giant crystals that Ryza – Tao’s friend found in the ancient ruins they were investigating. The effort to find out what Fi really is as well as to find the truth behind the discovery of the new ancient ruins is Ryza’s latest mission.

So, what exactly is Fi? What does this have to do with the variety of ancient ruins they recently discovered? What kind of challenges does Ryza have to face here? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing Atelier Ryza 2.

Crafting Remains the Essence

You can’t talk about an Atelier series without talking about the mechanics that are its main attraction – Crafting. That Ryza’s status as an Alchemist is not only reflected in the story, but also in gameplay. And because of that, she also became extra motivation to do various explorations and of course, farming materials.

Because it must be admitted, you will not be able to find most of the best weapons and items you can get in Atelier Ryza 2 in the random variety of shops and equipment that you find in the world that it carries. Most of it can be obtained through the Alchemy (crafting) system, which usually moves step by step, slowly but surely, towards more powerful items or weapons. Comes with a simple system that is easy to master, by injecting the materials you get to not only mix but also strengthen certain aspects, you will also be able to develop new recipes from existing recipes. These new recipes usually offer the opportunity to acquire rarer materials, more effective items, and of course – more powerful equipment.

This concept is maintained in this Atelier Ryza 2. With a limited storage system too, you are also encouraged to collect as much material as you can and then return to your base to be stored in storage. The good news? With the fast-travel system super easy and short, this job won’t be a source of frustration. With several items that are also specially designed for the process of gathering material, from axes to fishing rods, based on the quality and effects that you inject during the crafting process, your action of collecting material from the amount, variant, to the rarity can also vary. The better you are at building your resource gathering items, the “smoother” your crafting process will be. The good news? Each item and material also has its own encyclopedia so that if you run out, you know where to look.

What makes the Atelier Ryza 2 series a little different is the exploration options that are now diverse. Some places can now only be accessed using a grappling hook, which is also used to access some secret places outside the main storyline. Ryza can now also dive into the water, look for secret paths to new locations or even collect various materials and chests that are only available there. While these features feel refreshing, the space to trigger them is still relatively limited. You can, for example, only use the grappling hook in the designated places, on the map, with a specific place above it. Having a grappling hook doesn’t necessarily mean you can move like a monkey wherever you want. It is unfortunate. The only thing you can free to trigger is the call-to-mount action which not only speeds up the motion, but also opens up access to new digging materials.

In addition to these rare resources, you can also expand the library of items that Ryza can mix by accessing the skill tree she has. With a resource called “SP” as a base, which can be obtained from leveling up, killing monsters, or completing various side missions that mostly require you to find materials or kill certain target monsters on a bulletin board in the city, this skill tree will make your Alchemy action. the more effective. It allows you to inject more items in recipes, making them better quality, allowing you to access a wide variety of new recipes just like that. In addition to items and equipment, the game also sometimes asks you to mix the key items needed to continue the story, which fortunately often provides the variety of materials needed at close range.

One of the best parts of the Atelier Ryza 2 crafting system is the wide variety of options it provides to make sure it doesn’t turn into new sources of frustration. That when you start to enter mid-game to end-game, you don’t need to always mix your best equipment from the start. There are systems like Duplication that allow you to duplicate your item or equipment with a resource called “Gem”, which can be obtained by simply sacrificing your excess material. There is also an option to Rebuild – which lets you activate various aspects of your items and equipment from the last time you created them, without having to sacrifice more materials to build them from scratch. This variety of options is something we appreciate.

The need to do this crafting slowly but surely will be driven from just something you can do to something you MUST do. One of them comes from the fact that this game carries a jump in the level of difficulty that is considered irrational at several points in the story. That the boss that you have been able to easily pass so far is suddenly able to present an attack that consumes 1/5 HP with one attack, with super fast turns, and a deadly finishing attack. When this jump occurs, Atelier Ryza 2 seems to slap you gently while whispering, “It’s time for crafting, now!”.

Feels Like A Side Adventure

With the number “2” that she stretched, with a time difference of 3 years compared to the first series, you certainly anticipate that this will be the sequel series it should be. Usually in JRPG games, for a sequel series that is formulated like this, usually you will feel the progress of the story as it should be. You will begin to open the veil of a bigger mystery for you to explore, you will meet the true antagonist, you will begin to understand the real threat you need to anticipate, or the real “goal” of the main character. What if a sequel series doesn’t offer all of these?

What happened is what we felt with the Atelier Ryza 2 and it is the biggest source of complaints that we make the subtitles of this article. Believe it or not, after finishing Atelier Ryza 2, we still don’t have a clue or clue, what exactly is the “main conflict” or “main story” that this series is trying to push. Believe it or not, this second series doesn’t have a main antagonist that you need to be afraid of or an epic event that you need to prevent. It also doesn’t provide any continuity about what kind of things you need to wait for, fight, and handle in the next series because of the absence of these things. Rather than a sequel series, Atelier Ryza 2 actually feels like a “side mission” that doesn’t contribute much to what happened in the first series.

Believe it or not, the root of the problem in Atelier Ryza 2, believe it or not, is the actions of your own party. Do you remember the three-panel meme where a cyclist stuck a stick in her wheel, then fell, and ended up complaining and blaming something else? This is the essence of Ryza 2.

Since she doesn’t have a major antagonist that you have to fight or prevent, the main conflict occurs due to the negligence of Ryza and the team to learn who Fi really is. So conflict comes from their own actions, which they then have to deal with the consequences, and then they perceive as “learning”. Imagine Final Fantasy VII without Sephiroth! Final Fantasy VII where Barrett destroys the Mako Reactor, it turns out that the world cannot function without electricity, and Barett then messes around with the action of finding new resources in a 15-20 hour adventure. What the ..

Either because the Atelier Ryza 2 was too “revolutionary” and broke so many JRPG game standards, that we needed to adjust, and that’s why it was fantastic. Or indeed a formula like this produces the sensation of an aimless adventure and a heroic sensation at all, which makes Atelier Ryza 2 feel like a “waste of time” journey instead of a series that is prepared for the next series. Those of you who hope that this second series will evacuate the conflict from the first series to the next level, must be prepared to be disappointed.

Even though from the narrative side, especially for the companion character that she is carrying, Atelier Ryza 2 is not bad. Each companion character other than Ryza is given time to shine and a specific story can be completed through cut-scene by cut-scene, some of which may be prevented by the need to provide or mix certain items, or even bring party members to the location. Specific. For the story with this companion, it feels personal and on target, and even ends up making you care about them. What’s our favorite? Of course Patty, a companion from a wealthy family, who never has friends and is socially awkward. her love for Tao and Ryza’s friendliness were slow but sure, making her come out of the “shell”. The execution of the story for Patty, for example, deserves thumbs up.

It’s just that, the main story of Atelier Ryza 2 does feel too shallow to be enjoyed. We have to admit this second series failed to make us anticipate it from the content side. What to wait if the main story wasn’t enough to make you curious about what would happen next.

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