Practice Your Aim With These Special Tricks

In the FPS game, aiming is crucial for players to master. When your shooting accuracy rate is low, you can be sure that you will become a burden on the team. This really needs to be practiced and it takes a long time. However, when you are serious about pursuing Valorant, you have to live that phase.

We have five tips that can be considered as shortcuts to train your aim so you don’t miss. From our experience playing Valorant, these five methods are quite accurate to improve shooting accuracy and your game sense. Not only focus exercises, but there is a gaming gear formula that you need to know so you can sharpen your accuracy.

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  1. Get to know the DPI Mouse

The average gaming mouse now has a special button to adjust the DPI. This type of mouse, which is commonly called fly-to-fly, was made to make it easier for users to adjust the crusor speed on the monitor. The average gaming gear already has 4,000 DPI and normal mice usually only have 1,600 DPI.

The amount of each DPI in the mouse certainly affects the speed of movement. Simply put, the greater the DPI the mouse has, the higher the sensitivity. Well, many gamers don’t know how much DPI their mouse is, so it’s just a matter of adjusting the sensitivity. This is what often makes your aim to be soap.

Measuring sensivity just by moving the mouse will not help you. Of course, you have to know exactly how much DPI is on your mouse and then adjust the sensitivity. There is a formula to find the right amount of sensitivity to touch the “normal” number or what is called the Effective Dots per Inch (eDPI).

For example, player A has a mouse with 1,200 DPI and sets the sensivity at four. Then the player’s eDPI is 1,200 x 4 = 4,800. Of course, this number is not absolute, the formula used still has to adjust the player’s hand based on reflexes and game sense.

How to calculate eDPI can be a reference to determine how much is the most appropriate amount for your gaming mouse DPI with sensitivity in the game.

  1. Diligent Exercises in Practice Mode

Riot Games provides a training ground specifically made for players to train their aim. Don’t underestimate this mode because in it you can train your motor to adjust the aim in Valorant.

Let’s say that you have previously experienced FPS games because you have played CS: GO. Even though you are great at the game, not necessarily in Valorant you can apply the same gameplay. You see, each game has its own motion mechanic and gameplay that ultimately requires you to adjust to the game’s environment.

Practicing frequently in practice mode is the easiest way to adjust. Here your aim will be tested in several stages. There is a time limit that makes you have to force yourself to improve your aim so that all targets are eliminated. The final score will tell you how well you played Valorant. We are sure that the more often you practice here, the better your aim will be.

  1. Placement Cursor So The Main Point

When you can target the enemy’s fatal point, all you have to know is the crusor layout in the game. As an illustration, you need to know the ins and outs of the game so you can put the crusor in the right location. This point intersects with the previous point when you are diligently playing in practice mode.

In this mode, the height of each bot is the same as Agent. From here, you can get the approximate location of the enemy’s head to shoot. However, another problem is your focus on the crusor point and the direction of your eyes.

The conditions are like the picture above. Consciously, your eyes turn to the red dot in the first image. However, your crusor’s direction was not appropriate. This is fatal and makes your aim messy. You see, when an enemy appears at that point there is a pause for you to shift the crusor to the enemy and there can be a possibility that you will lose a hit.

This is where it is important for you to train your focus to align the eye’s direction with the crusor. This needs to be practiced regularly because it is not easy. The problem is that these mistakes are often done consciously-unconsciously. When in the game as much as possible direct the crusor to the corner if it is the enemy line. Now, after the crusor has been placed correctly, then you can look here and there to see the mini map.

  1. Use Platform Help Like Aimlab

When in practice mode you feel great, try practicing your aim in another place like Aim Lab. This aim training simulation application can increase your shooting accuracy even higher. The reason is, there is an analysis of all your shots and you can find out where your shortcomings are.

For example, when you move the mouse to the left your motor is weak. Later there will be exercises that can improve motor performance. The most common case is a distance that is too wide from the center point. For example, when pointing to the right it is always farther than to the left.

There are several factors covering this problem. It can be from the sensivity and DPI settings of your gaming mouse or it is just your body’s constraints. For the second problem, you really have to frequently try aiming at Aim Lab. That way you will get used to shifting the crusor in various directions quickly.

  1. Increase In-Game Flying Hours

After the four points have been done, it’s time to apply the exercises to the game. Here you will determine your habituation to the game environment from knowing the enemy’s entry route, practicing game sense, to putting the crusor at the right angle. This way you can adapt according to the rhythm of the game in Valorant.

As much as possible, after spending one match, evaluate yourself where you lack about shooting accuracy. Is it not fast enough to direct the crusor or still can’t focus on aligning the eye with the location of the firing point. This will train you to get used to it when you play Valorant often.

The importance of knowing the ins and outs of each map will also increase your accuracy. The problem is different maps, different gameplay and of course different spots to peek. When you have memorized all the maps in Valorant. Then you automatically know where to put the crusor so that the enemy can die immediately when showing the bridge of his nose in front of you.

Besides knowing the ins and outs of the map, you also need to observe the sound of footsteps. You see, in Valorant, footsteps are crucial things that players must focus on. When you hear where the sound is coming from, you have to quickly estimate the character’s height with your shooting spot.

For new players, it is indeed difficult to increase the aim so that it is not slippery like using soap. It takes time to practice until you really master Valorant and all its subtleties.

For aiming, you can use the five methods before so that your teammates don’t consider it a burden. Just relax in training, our important advice is that you should keep evaluating your deficiencies every time you practice.


What do you think about the tips above? If you have a personal method, you can really share it in the comments column so that other players can learn.

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