Seven NPC With Unique Story on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers a very exciting RPG experience. In addition to collecting characters and improving their abilities, it turns out that there are many side quests that are also fun to try. Some will take us to the NPCs who are residents of Tevyat.

If you carefully read the story in each Quest, you can get many interesting things. There are sad moments to stories that can make you laugh. Well, here we provide a summary of some NPC moments that are worth discussing. Curious? Check out the list below, yes!

  1. Timmie Loses His Father

Timme is a little boy standing on the Monstadt bridge. You will meet him the first time before entering the city. Timmie spends his time feeding the birds and players can interact with him. But, it turns out that Timmie has been abandoned by his father for a long time and you can hear him say that the birds are gone and might come back like his father.

  1. Coin Thief at the Fountain

There is a fountain in the middle of Tevyat which is believed to grant one’s wishes. Anna throws coins every afternoon to ask for recovery from her illness. However, if you come to the fountain every night, you actually meet Anthony who turns out to take Anna’s coin and intends to use it to buy medicine.

  1. The Ghost in Mingyun Village

There are many side quests that will reward players in Liyue. However, some of these quests could only be carried out if the player visited the NPC in a certain area. At Mingyun Village, you will meet the ghost of Yuan Hong who asks you to find his hidden treasure. As it turned out, Yuan Hong died in a mining accident. The story is pretty dark, huh, for a Side Quest?

  1. An Adventurer Whose Mind Shattered

In Venti’s Story Quest section, we will meet an NPC named Stanley. At first glance, Stanley is believed to be an adventurer who is crazy because he has illusions and thoughts of his own. But, it turns out that Stanley is traumatized by losing his comrade in arms and instead, his spirit has been lingering in his head all this time.

  1. The Gambling House in Liyue?

In Liyue you can meet the Yanshang Teahouse which is located near the Adventurer’s Guild. If you interact, the guards seem unfriendly and say that the price of tea at the Yanshang Teahouse is very expensive. In fact, you have to be mentally prepared and not just anyone can enter this place. Actually, what is the function of this Yanshang Teahouse?

  1. Princess Elon Musk in Genshin Impact

There are many NPC characters in Genshin Impact who are inspired by the real world. Just look at Ella Musk who was inspired by the character Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla. Elon, who is known as a genius, passed his talent down to Ella Musk who turned out to be a Hilicurl researcher even when he was very young.

  1. Ulfr Pinched Crab in the Eyes

Some NPCs can give you gifts for talking and opening special dialogues. Just look at Ulfr who will give you a crab if you talk to him. Uniquely, Ulfr apparently confessed about his experience being held by a crab in the eye when swimming.

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