Streets of Rage 4 Review

The old Street of Rage franchise, which was previously released by Sega, has returned. This time through publihser Dotemu, this franchise is back to life with the name Street of Rage 4 after 25 years of the third series.

The gameplay offered by Street of Rage 4 is still the same, namely side-scrolling beat ’em up, which is an arcade genre that was popular in its time until the PSX era. Gamers at that time must have known this type of game, for example another game called Captain Commando made by Capcom.

Yes, this genre can no longer be found in console or PC games at this time and there may only be a few in mobile games. However, Street of Rage 4 actually provides a remedy to overcome the saturation of various genres that the market today is detached from nostalgia.

Animated Graphics That Feel Modern

Even though it still carries the same genre and gameplay with a sense of nostalgia, Street of Rage 4 still has a contemporary touch. The animated graphics that are presented are more fitting to be said to be similar to today’s arcade games.

This difference can be clearly seen when comparing Street of Rage 4 with the third series. This is not strange, considering the previous series was released 25 years earlier. So the animation quality of this game will still spoil the eyes.

Elements such as objects and game arenas that are damaged by combat also make gameplay feel quite destructive. This game has several stages. The visual effects of attacks include a special attack called Star Move.

The movement of animated graphics is also not stiff and smoother so that it supports gamers with fast response to launch combo attacks.

Rigid Attack Style

From the fairly modern graphic animation, it turns out that the Street of Rage 4 attack style feels stiff and is still the same as the previous series. At the beginning of the game I really liked it but it felt like the combo attacks had an old formula which ended up being boring.

Street Rage 4 itself adds a special attack called Star Move. This attack will reduce the Health or blood of the character. Even so, Star Move supplies can also be collected from how many enemies are defeated or collecting Star objects that are scattered on the map.

The drawback I encountered was that even though the character types had different and distinctive attack styles, only one or two had a running motion. This is quite difficult in the battle process because the types of enemies are very diverse.

When faced with an enemy who could run I was quite overwhelmed to launch the attack first. Characters who can’t run depend on close combat while waiting for a large number of enemies at once.

In Street of Rage 4, players can not only pick up fallen weapons but also grab enemy weapons as long as it’s done in the right moment of attack. Believe me, attacks with weapons feel even worse than bare hands.

When a character attacks with a weapon, the type of attack is limited to punching or swinging the weapon and there are no combos at all. In the fourth series, Street of Rage still provides boss fights, moments commonly found in games with similar genres.

Varied Gameplay Modes

I find that playing Story Mode or Arcade itself is very difficult, especially when there are many enemies and various types of attacks. Luckily there is an Online Co-Op mode that supports multipliers of up to two players.

However, gamers can still find multiplayer mode for up to four players like similar games at its time in local mode. Here the gameplay is much more interesting. Enemy attacks in large numbers were no longer a problem.

There is also a Boss Rush mode for gameplay that directly faces enemies like Boss Stage who have longer Health and special skills.

The interesting mode of Street of Rage 4 is online PVP. So you can choose to fight with other players. But don’t imagine that this mode will be like today’s fighting games. You still have to control the up and down direction to jam with your opponent.

Given the limited and mediocre combo movements, this mode is less tense. Players who successfully launch the crowd first have a great chance of becoming the winner, that’s why I think it’s not the same as fighting games that still have a chance to turn things around.


Streets of Rage 4 offers a gameplay that is not supported by most games today. So this game is successful in presenting nostalgia as well as a drug saturated with different games, but there are still shortcomings.

The simple style of play including ordinary or stiff attack combos makes it less exciting. Various characters who have different attack styles do not run so they can beat or avoid attacks by enemies who can run or are more agile.

The use of additional weapons actually makes an ordinary attack style compared to combos with bare hands. The attraction that makes Streets of Rage 4 worth checking out is nostalgia.

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