Three Hidden Google Games

  1. Pacman

pacman is an arcade game that was popular in the 80s and even today people want to enjoy the game. So google brings it back and you can play this game with just a google search. By the way you type “pacman doodle”.

  1. Halloween game

in 2016, Google created doodle halloween and it is an amazing interactive game. In this game, there is a cat from the magic cat academy who tries to save his friends from evil spirits.

You only need to start the game and draw symbols on the screen to exorcise ghosts. As you play the game becomes more difficult with lots of ghosts coming from all sides. Defeat the ghost and save your friend. To search, type in the search column “halloween doodle 2016”

  1. Gnome

Google made gnome in 2018 an interactive game with the theme of German garden dwarves. a gnome is simply a small statue placed in a garden. The Germans believe that the gnomes protect gardens and bring good luck.

so in this game, you will have a slingshot for the gnomes to the furthest fields of the park. the farther the gnomes are, the more flowers are planted and the more points you get.

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